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Amanda, organiser and curator of Mandala Market is a trained Visual Artist and Visual Merchandiser who has always had passion for Markets. "There is a wonderful sense of community when people gather, meet and shop together". 


Mandala Market was established to support local Artisans from the Mornington Peninsula and beyond.


Amanda wanted to create a relaxed village type atmosphere where the community could shop local and buy handmade. She dreamt of a space where you can meet and chat with the makers and creators. "I feel it's a great opportunity to learn about the story behind the Artisans products and to hear about the heart and soul put into creating them."


Amanda mindfully selects each Artisan for their unique products that reflect Mandala's values of assisting in wellbeing, personal growth and a wholesome lifestyle. 


Mandala Market brings together a varied and unique collective of Artisans showcasing their gorgeous products such as holistic remedies, essential oils, body and skin care treatments, candles, crystals, jewellery, art, bohemian homewares and fashion. 


Every market has a different vibe as the collective of Artisans changes and grows. 


Beach Lane is the perfect location for Mandala Market with its welcoming environment and supportive community spirit. 


Amanda's hope is that visitors to Mandala Market can find something special that they can indulge themselves in or that they can use in their daily mindful practices.


Upcoming Sunday dates TBA

For more information check out the Mandala Market Facebook page.

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