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  • Georges McKail and Karen Williams

Beach Lane Presents - Episode 5 | Relationships & Date Night!


Georges speaks with Karen Williams on coaching men and women in relationships and breaking through to new levels of performance and fulfilment in all areas of life and a new collaborative event between Beach Lane and Karen - Date Night!

We sometimes know what makes a difference or what we should be doing in our relationships, but are we doing it? We get busy, putting it aside and our connection suffers. Date Night is an easy, fun, relaxed evening event for men and women in relationship as well for singles. The night will be a lot of fun and where we get under the facade of what we present to the world, the fun of getting real! Men and women are invited to come along and have fun and challenge themselves, leaving with practical tools, lightbulb moments about themselves and possibly event bringing back the juice into their relationships - who knows what will happen when you get home?!

As a co-creation event, Beach Lane is excited to provide an experience for men and women to share as well as a dedicated event for the purpose of opening up conversation around what works and what doesn't in relationships. Date Night will be an ongoing event hosted by different subject matter experts to enrich the view of the relationship between yourself and others and is open to those in relationship and those who aren't. You are invited to take opportunity, look and see what's showing up for you and what might be missing in your life.

The inaugural Date Night is on August 5 at 7.30pm in The Wholesome Nest cafe. For ticket bookings and more information visit our Special Events page at

For more information on Karen Williams and her work visit

- Karen Williams and Georges McKail

Karen Williams and Georges McKail

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