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  • Leila McKail & Stewart Robertson

Beach Lane Presents - Episode 6 | Kinesiology, Group Consciousness and Personal Boundaries


Leila talks this week about Kinesiology, Group Consciousness and Personal Boundaries with Kinesiologist Stewart Robertson.

The conversation quickly gets stimulating when they start discussing Stewart's development of a Group Kinesiology Balance. Where working with Group Consciousness to shift individual block and boundaries and the use of a surrogate person unites a group of individuals and opens the group up into their collective consciousness for a united healing session.

Further, the conversation travels into the area of Personal Boundaries and just how important setting boundaries are for ourselves, and our energy levels but also the art of communicating our boundaries can help restore relationships, and inspire change within others - rather than negatively impact relationships.

Leila is a Yoga Instructor and Co-Creator at Beach Lane

Stewart hosts his group Kinesiology Balance sessions at Beach Lane on a special event basis.

For more information on either of the guys visit

Thanks to Radio Carrum for their donation of time and airwaves to help us produce this show.

We hope you enjoy the conversation!

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