• Leila McKail & Melissa Rowe

Beach Lane Presents - Episode 7 | Mindful Mamas, Mindful Parenting and Mama Camp 2016


Leila gets to chatting with Melissa Rowe on her work with families and Mindful Parenting and how this evolved into answering a calling for a regular Mindful Mamas group to support and nurture women throughout their mothering journey.

Melissa also opens up to the birthing of Mama Camp and how the event evolved overnight from a small, intimate sleep over for women to a 120, two night event after the concept went viral after the first facebook announcement for Mama Camp!

Leila is a Mum, Yoga Instructor and Co-Creator at Beach Lane

Melissa is a mental health social worker, mother, counsellor and creator of Mindful Mamas and Mama Camp.

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Thanks to Radio Carrum for their donation of time and airwaves to help us produce this show.

We hope you enjoy the conversation!

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