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Date Night - Thank You!

What a wonderful evening of intimate sharing, laughs and some new and revealing discoveries about what gets in the way of enjoying deep, loving, powerful connection in our relationships.

Wine, delicious food and Wholesome Nest ambience made for the perfect setting to dig a little deeper into conversations we usually put off for lack of time, courage or confidence.

Guests shared how valuable it was to spend quality, uninterrupted time together gaining new insights and tools that helped expand their understanding and appreciation of each other. The gift of hearing from other people share their challenges in relationship was also comforting, allowing everyone to have some fun with what it is to be human!

We’ve already received feedback that relationships have been enhanced and couples are looking forward to the next Date Night - make sure to subscribe to the Beach Lane Newsletter for future Date Night announcements!

Thank you Beach Lane for providing a welcoming space for people to explore such meaningful topics. I am always in deep gratitude and appreciation for the work I get to do in assisting people bring the passion and juice back into their lives and relationships.


Some lovely compliments from the night...

"I always love visiting Beach Lane and have attended a number of different workshops you’ve offered. I’m always impressed and leave with clarity and new skills which improve my experiences.

Friday was no different. Thank you. It was a great way to end my working week!"

"Thank you so much for organising the event on Friday night. We had a beautifully connected weekend inspired by the event, so thanks!"


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