• Leila McKail and Doug Wilson

Beach Lane Presents - Episode 10 | Doug Wilson and the Healing Power of Kundalini Yoga


Doug has a remarkable story about the diagnosis of a life threatening brain tumour that required a 13 hour operation he was lucky to survive. After suffering multiple complications like meningitis and extensive cranial nerve damage, Doug left hospital in a wheelchair with doctors advising a 12-18 month recovery period and expectations to “never be the same again”.

After slow progress using modern, conventional treatment Doug took rehabilitation on through finding practices like Yoga, meditation and plant based eating bringing unimaginable results and just over 6 months later Doug became the first person to complete 7 competitive marathons on 7 continents in under 7 days (6 days 18 hours). A feat recognised by Guinness World Records as “Fastest time to complete a marathon on each continent (male).”

Leila and Doug get to chatting about how Doug attributes taking up a Kundalini Yoga practice and shifting to plant based diet helped with his incredible recovery and then taking his experience one step further to becoming a Kundalini Yoga instructor to share his journey and experiences with others to help them return to better health.

Learn More about healing through Kundalini Yoga!

If you're keen to learn more Doug is hosting a special evening at Beach Lane during the Spring Festival An Evening With Doug Wilson - The Healing Power of Kundalini Yoga to go deeper into his illness and the science behind his journey to recovery with yoga and a change in diet.

For more information or to book your tickets click here!

Doug will also be taking regular Kundalini Yoga classes at Beach Lane from October 2016.

Leila McKail is a Mum, Yoga Instructor and Co-Creator at Beach Lane

Doug Wilson is a Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Global Marathon Runner and Health Advocate

Thanks to Radio Carrum for their donation of time and airwaves to help us produce this show.

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