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  • Georges McKail and Fleur Clarke

Beach Lane Presents - Episode 11 | Spiritual Love Match


Spiritual Love Match is a new online matching site created on the Mornington Peninsula and designed on values-based matching for a real love connection. This is the closest online dating has become to really discovering your soul mate or the greater chance to find a partner who share the importance and priority of your values, attitudes and beliefs. In this way, Spiritual Love Match helps to create a deep, lasting foundation for the ongoing growth of a fulfilling, committed, love relationship that also nurtures the personal and emotional growth of each other.

Georges and Fleur talk about how Spiritual Love Match came about and how it has redesigned online dating for soulful connections.

Learn More about Spiritual Love Match and Getting Relationship Ready!

If you're keen to learn more, the Spiritual Love Match team will be presenting a special workshop during our Spring Festival on Getting Relationship Ready. This session session will be all about what core values are needed for a successful relationship.​Finding a truly loving, like-minded partner who shares your values is not easy in your busy life. And real love doesn’t just happen, it grows from a foundation of shared values. Otherwise, all you have is a romantic hope that will be dashed when your values clash! Join us for an enlightening session and the first steps towards finding a wonderful relationship.

The workshop will be free although you do need to register your place. BOOK IN HERE!

Visit Spiritual Love Match at

Thanks to Radio Carrum for their donation of time and airwaves to help us produce this show.

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