• Georges McKail and Vivienne Fletcher

Beach Lane Presents - Episode 15 | Mindful Pilates


Georges talks with Vivienne from Pilates Energetics about Mindful Pilates practice and Pilates classes dedicated just to men. Vivienne is an intuitive Pilates instructor and as a teacher looks at the body from a preventative aspect and works with her students to obtain the best quality of life possible.

Spring/Summer schedule at Beach Lane is as follows. Wednesdays Mindful Pilates - 5.30pm & 6.30pm Saturdays Mindful Pilates - 8am Saturday Pilates for Men - 9am

To book and for more info in please visit Pilates Energetics

Connect to Vivienne and Pilates Energetics via

Facebook - www.facebook.com/pilatesenergetics

Website - Pilates Energetics

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