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  • Rachel Lambie

Love iluka | Rachel's Story

When you follow your intuition and knock on a door…..

l did just that back in 2014 and meet a like minded soul who was open to sharing visions and dreams regarding businesses and creativity.

I remember meeting Georges as if it were yesterday, sitting down for a cup of tea and telling him all about my life long vision for an organic cafe, boutique and holistic hub wanting to see if he would rent his newly purchased space for me to create such a space. Hearing he had similar ideas for co working businesses and permaculture gardens was intriguing and inspiring, so we decided to explore by putting our heads together and creating what is now known as Beach Lane, The Wholesome nest and Love iluka!

Over the two years sharing the space and ideas, has made me grow so much as a woman and as a business owner, learning more about myself then l ever thought possible! They say there are lessons and teachers in every situation and l couldn't be more grateful for this experience, it’s been amazing!

Not only was it the personal growth, the boutique has also experienced growth in customers and the need for more creative space.

With growth comes needing to spread my wings a little wider and see just how high l can fly?

I know the universe has our backs, l cant wait to watch the cafe expand and evolve to its full potential, which will be beautiful with so many creative people behind it!

Thank you to each and every one who has supported Love iluka, l truly love and appreciate all your kind words when in store and most importantly your support.

Huge love and gratitude to Georges and the team at Beach Lane.

Love iluka will be relocating, stay tuned by following Love iluka on instagram or facebook for all updates.


Rachel xx

#Loveiluka #BohemianBoutique #consciousbusiness #cocreating

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