• Leila Cosgrove McKail

Green Smoothie Workshop with Petra the Green Smoothie Gangster!

We were so blessed to have Petra the Green Smoothie Gangster visit the Wholesome Nest Cafe on the weekend for a mini workshop on the healing power of Green Smoothies.

Petra has dedicated her work to sharing her health journey and wisdom on natural health and wellbeing after experiencing the impact of cancer, teaching others how the body is a self healing machine through eating food that heals the body, positive thoughts and self love and care.

In our newly refurbished Cafe a gang of folk interested in improving their own health and wellbeing joined Petra’s live demonstration on some really simple techniques we can adapt to our morning and daily routines designed to improve hydration, alkaline the body by removing toxins and chemicals and cleansing the digestive system with improved fiber intake. We were also treated to a live demonstration on how to prepare a really simple Green Smoothie to take in the morning which really kicks off the day and prepares the body for super health!

SO interesting and SO valuable and SUPER delicious!! Most of us went home and immediately stocked up our fridges with Lemons, Kale and Apple Cider vinegar!

If you’re interested in learning more about the healing power of Green smoothies and other techniques to really improve your health and well being you can check out the short video we shot just before the workshop below.

Also please visit Petra’s website http://eatjuicy.com for more information, tons of resources, recipes and cleansing challenges.

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