• Leila McKail & Trish Lehman

Beach Lane Presents - Episode 21 | Normalising The Conversation About Sex


Leila chats with Trish Lehman about her Beach Lane workshop 'Normalising The Conversation About Sex'. Trish shares her personal story of passion and experiences of life, love, sex and relationships and how her work is dedicated to helping others improve their own conversations around sex and how we should be normalising the approach to our own experience of sexual education.

Just a little note - Trish uses candid and frank language when speaking about sex.

If you're interested in learning more about Trish and her work she is available for 1:1 counselling sessions and her workshops are held over 6 week periods. Trish also offers an introduction to Normalising the conversation about Sex at our seasonal festivals - the next one will be during the Autumn Festival over April 23 - 24.

Contact Trish at trishlehman51@gmail.com or check out her workshops here.

Thanks to Radio Carrum for their donation of time and airwaves to help us produce this show. Make sure you subscribe to their soundcloud channel here for first announcements of Beach Lane Presents!

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