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Beach Lane | Breaking News

Hi folks ...

Georges here with some breaking news you've likely just seen in the media ...

Some of you will know that the Victorian Government has been working on removing 50 dangerous railway crossings, including the one at nearby Carrum station ... the design & consultation process has been rigorous, taking many months and reaching a multi-faceted outcome several months ago ... my compliments to all involved in this undertaking.

A subsequent decision was announced to the press this Sunday morning by the Premier and our local Member of Parliament, Sonya Kilkenny ... the decision is that 5 properties will be 'compulsorily acquired' to enable McLeod Road to go directly to the beach, under the Sky-Rail.

BEACH LANE is one of those 5 properties - right in the middle.

The removal of these 5 properties will enable the provision of a Promenade for public recreation, access, and convenience. Whilst this won't happen overnight, it is slated to commence around the beginning of 2019.

I am now in discussion with the key players to better understand the timeline implications that lie ahead ... and to explore any options to the question:

"How can BEACH LANE continue to be of value to the local community ...?"

Most of you will appreciate the energies involved in setting up BEACH LANE ...

Starting from a completely clean sheet of paper, it's been a co-creative and collaborative journey to build something that both contributes, and reflects, the local community.

As well as providing a nourishing place for customers in our CAFE, we've provided space in our STUDIOS for micro-businesses to offer a myriad of Workshops, Classes, Events, Markets and 6 Seasonal Festivals ... weekend-long engaging-events, each 3 months.

We now need to determine the best course of action, taking into account all the moving parts that make BEACH LANE what it is ...

Needless to say, I will keep everyone as informed as possible ... members of staff, practitioners, clients and our collective customers.

While I appreciate that this news will come as a surprise to you, feel free to ...

Drop me a line with any questions, comments or suggestions

We will likely have a Confidential Comments-box in the Cafe also for your feedback.

As always,


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