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Beach Lane Presents - Episode 50 | Forbes & Leila Farewell


Celebrating our 50th Beach Lane Presents episode, final episode for 2017 and a bittersweet farewell to Forbes and Leila who have been an integral part of Beach Lane. Listen to hear about the highs and some of the challenges experienced by working alongside family in small business.

… so as things begin to wind down at Beach Lane and Forbes and Leila make plans to relocate to Queensland to start 2018 the guys have lots of cool stuff on the horizon!

Some of you will already know Forbes had established a successful Mexican Street Food business in Brisbane - TACO FIESTA which is currently being resurrected and rebranded, ready for a debut return at the Mariah Carey concert in Feb! Tons of live music events, markets and major festivals in Queensland in the calendar as well as starting a boutique private party catering business on Tamborine Mountain in the Gold Coast hinterland.

Leila will continue her work in strategic business management and social media marketing with conscious small businesses as well as becoming the third member of Graceful Women (link - Kundalini Yoga teachers.. expanding further into technology and online business with online yoga courses, womens circles, social media management and podcasting.

The most exciting adventure though is the two are packing up the house, the kids, the dog and the cat and hitting the road to take two weeks traveling up the east coast in #vanlife style where they will land in tropical Queensland early next year. They are planning on blogging and podcasting about their adventures and conscious ponderings, life in the alternative lane, walking the line outside of the system and parenting. Coming very soon! If you’ve enjoyed getting to know these two beautiful souls then you are invited to connect with them to continue to follow their adventures!


Leila McKail

Forbes McKail






Blog… coming soon

Thanks to Radio Carrum for their donation of time and airwaves to help us produce this show. Make sure you subscribe to their soundcloud channel here for first announcements of Beach Lane Presents!

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