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B  E  A  C  H   L  A  N  E

This Winter Festival will be our 6th seasonal festival! With a slight twist this season, we are excited to bring you a focus on FAMILIES for the duration of the weekend. With lots in store for this festival, there will of course be something for everyone! 


There will be plenty on offer starting on the Friday night with a Friday Family Forum including Q&A panel, our standard holistic practitioner workshops will be available upstairs on Saturday and downstairs will be a kids fun play day in the

Wholesome Nest Cafe to celebrate the Pyjama Foundation's National Pyjama Day, so be sure to come dressed in your PJs.

Sunday we will have the beautiful and ever evolving Mandala Markets in the cafe and upstairs, as well as a seasonal menu change in the cafe and lots more wonderful Winter delights! 


Join our facebook event page and follow us on instagram @beach_lane for beautiful updates.


Join us from 7.15pm for what is sure to be a great evening of topical discussion around family life.

If you have kids, want to learn more about how to improve or nurture good communication within your home, are an active father, curious about nutrition for your kids, or come from a split family, then this is the event for you!

With a panel of 5 talented practitioners presenting, this is a not to be missed opportunity to hear from some specialists in the relationships and parenting field. The panel will share their insights from many years of combined experience and open the forum up for a Q&A session at the end. The talented state manager at

The Pyjama Foundation, Shannon O'Brien will be MCing the evening.

All guests will receive a 'gift pack' to take home on the night, including lots of goodies

from the BEACH LANE practitioners.

A share platter, glass of wine on arrival and cash bar will be available,

plus tea, coffee & wine for purchase. 


About Peter-Anthony

TOPIC: What's love got to do with it? ... Men in the spotlight.

A BEACH LANE practitioner, Peter-Anthony (Geoffrey) Williams has been on a journey of spiritual learning and growth over decades and has benefited from over 7 years of ongoing learning and training at an elite level with Sphinx Spiritual, a non-religious organisation dedicated to the teaching of spiritual knowledge and helping people grow in love. A Spiritual Counsellor and Hahnemann Healing Practitioner and Trainer, he founded the Men with Spirit initiative in an attempt to help men of all ages deal with emotional blockages and grow in love. He is a father of three.


About Alison

TOPIC: How are the hidden conversations between your gut and your mind impacting your mood and health.

Alison is a university qualified nutritionist and wellness coach who is passionate about helping people understand how whole food nutrition is vital to achieve optimum health and wellbeing. Alison’s approach to nutrition is focussed on building long-term, nourishing eating habits that promote healthy outcomes. She provides clients with a holistic, realistic and individual approach to a nutrition plan that leads to improved health choices with no fad diets! Alison’s clinical focus is on gut health, weight management, women’s health and digestion issues.


About Tim

TOPIC: Insights on the role of the non-parent in the family environment, and how we can relate to each other more effectively with communication techniques that get lost in the ‘heat of the battle’.

So far unmarried and without children of his own, you may ask what is Tim's qualification to speak on the family view. As a god parent and participant in various families, and with a lifelong spirit of adventure, a passion for the ocean and sailing, a generous heart and thirst for knowledge, Tim has a deeply rich experience of life. Practicing since he was 18, he graduated in India to teach the technique of Vedic Meditation in 2005. His love of Vedic Knowledge (Wisdom of India) has earned him several diplomas here and abroad in Yoga, Yoga Therapy and in his second great love of Ayurveda. Recently returned to Australia after seven years in Europe he brings practical insight to all areas of Life with humour and personal stories in his presentations.


About Trish

TOPIC: Internet porn and your kids…are you onto it? Or would you rather talk about what we’re having for dinner?

Trish completed studies in Counselling, Sexological Bodywork, Boundaries, consent and empowerment and Tantric Sex specialising in Breathwork. Trish has successfully practiced in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and brings to you a practical approach to relationship and sexual issues, delivered in a caring and loving way. As a mother of 7, Trish brings a wealth of knowledge in parenting and all things sex!


About Deanne

TOPIC: How to grow independent confident children.

As a Parent Coach, Spiritual Counseller and Founder of Parent with Passion, Deanne is helping kids by helping mums and dads. She supports parents to parent in a way that gives children independence and confidence. Deanne promotes a spiritual approach to parenting which is gentle but direct with a perspective from the child's point of view. Taking into account that children mirror the behaviour of their parents we often need to change ourselves and then our children will follow. Parenting by giving choices rather than instructing or nagging, family life becomes more fulfilling and enjoyable.

About Shannon


As the Victoria Coordinator of The Pyjama Foundation, a NFP working with kids in care through a mentoring program aimed at improving their education outcomes. Shannon started in Community in the corporate world over 6 years ago, but always knew she wanted to work closer to the community. She first read about The Pyjama Foundation 6yrs ago and thought, 'I will work for them one day'. Sure enough, 3yrs later Shannon heard they were coming to Victoria and she couldn’t get on the phone to the CEO quick enough!!!

We Regret To Inform You That This Event Has Been Postponed


Join Justine Sharkie for an amazing Crystal Healing Meditation Friday 6.00-7.00pm

in the S T U D I O

for just $10 - pay at the door!

Enter a nurturing space, reconnect to yourself, and be guided on a beautiful

and intuitive crystal healing meditation. 


The class will start with a brief chat about crystals and how they work with your energy to create peace, and clarity in your mind, body, heart, and spirit. You will then be invited to choose a crystal to work with in the meditation (or please feel free to bring your own crystal). The meditation will be intuitively guided, based on the needs

and energy of the group. 


You will leave this class feeling at peace and reconnected with your true self. 

Bookings essential, please email to book:



July 21 is NATIONAL PYJAMA DAY so to celebrate on Saturday in the WHOLESOME NEST CAFE we will have plenty on offer for kids of all ages! 


Put on your favourite PJ’s or onesies to raise much-needed awareness

and funds for kids in foster care.

See for more information about this great cause!


One girls bike – 16inch

One boys bike – 16inch


Every child who attends the Winter Festival will go into the draw to win a bike. All they have to do is collect a ticket from the CAFE staff! Winner will be drawn on Sunday, July 23rd and listed on the Beach Lane website.




Tim Mitchell

SATURDAY 8.00-9.00am  |  the STUDIO

We can’t expect change (in our health or happiness) and stay the same!

We are the result of our habits. And our habits we CAN change.

In this early hour together I will give some glimpses of the Wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Simple daily practices from Yoga that change how we feel.

Small tips from Ayurveda with BIG effects…

Simple movements we can do at home to wake up to health and joy.

Please just come in comfortable clothes and with an inquiring mind.

And lets share breakfast afterward in the Cafe!


$10 donation (100% of donation will go to

 Food for Life Vrindavan. A charity supporting education for women and the poorest of the poor in India).


Alana Dureau and Team

SATURDAY 9.30-10.30am  |  the STUDIO

We are hosting a YOGA PLAY class that is designed especially for the whole family. Bend and stretch and have some fun on the mat whilst sharing the learning and love of yoga with together. As they say, families that PLAY together stay together, giving you another way to connect with each other. Why not dress up in your favourite pair of Pyjama’s or onsie in support of children in foster care and the wonderful work of the Pyjama Foundation who help their dreams come true. All proceeds going towards the Pyjama Foundation. We look forward to seeing you and your family on the mat for a fun filled flow class costing just $10 and is suitable for 5 years old and up! (100% of proceeds going to the Pyjama Foundation).

Namaste, The team at ALIVE YOGA.



Peter-Anthony Williams

SATURDAY 11am-12pm  |  the STUDIO

A successful, long-term loving relationship is underpinned by shared values - both spiritual and personal. Spiritual values are what you hold and live by. They form who you are at a deep level. Personal values relate to a person's wants and desires in a relationship, and affect two people in forming an ongoing relationship and living together. This session draws on the extensive knowledge and insights available via Spiritual LoveMatch, and will discuss these values and explain why they are so important to forming and maintaining a successful loving relationship. Options for improving your existing relationship, or finding the special relationship you deeply desire, will be shared. This topic will be further explored at the "Understanding a spiritual life, and how to live it" workshop being held at Beach Lane on 6 August .


Andrew Maccora

SATURDAY 11am-12pm  |  the LIBRARY

Chocolate, Essential Oils & a Healthy, Happy Family !!!

What more do you need ?

Explore the advantages of creating an essential oils toolbox to equip you with all that winter has to dish out.

We'll explore ways to play a proactive role in your family's health and lift the Winter gloom.

Taste and learn how to easily make, Wicked Raw Chocolate,raised to a new level by flavoring with pure theraputic essential oils.

Come on a journey to nourish and empower your mind, body and spirit.


Gayle Dwyer

SATURDAY 12.15-1.15pm  |  the LIBRARY

EFT Tapping is an easy fun technique that can be transformational. Not only does it reduce anxiety and stress in minutes, it is also a great tool for un-learning limiting habits and learning new ones that are more in alignment with who and how you want to be. So whether it is food habits or cravings, smoking, or stress/negative emotional habits, come along and learn a scientifically proven technique that you can use anywhere anytime.


Alison Tehan

SATURDAY 12.30-1.30pm  |  the STUDIO

Our gut is the epicentre of our physical and mental health, and very often, gut issues go hand-in-hand with mood problems, such as anxiety and depression. That's because the brain and the gastrointestinal system are intimately connected. The health of the gut is critical. It is vital to look at the mind-gut connection when treating any sort of digestive disturbance or any mental health conditions. 

In order for the mind to be functioning properly, the whole body needs to be working properly – including the gut. Alison will reveal how through a few simple changes to our diet and lifestyle, we can develop a happier mind set, enhanced immunity, a decreased risk of developing neurological diseases and even lose weight. Paying attention to the mind-gut connection is the key to unlocking optimal health.


Gayle Dwyer

SATURDAY 1.30-2.30pm  |  the LIBRARY

Self-hypnosis is something we do every day without realising it. It is a natural brainwave state that we can use to our advantage. The sub-conscious part of your brain runs us most of the time. The problem is that most of the programs that are stored there are old and disempowering.

You can harness that part of your brain and work with it to re-program limiting beliefs and create positive change in your life. Self-hypnosis is easy and powerful. Come and learn how to bring your conscious and sub-conscious mind into alignment with some relaxing hypnosis techniques.


Nicola Poole

SATURDAY 2.00-3.00pm  |  the STUDIO

The practices of physical movement and stretching are so important in the continued wellness of our body anatomy. Yoga is a practice that not only helps with physicality, but also is just as great for our minds. Mindfulness plays such a vital role in optimising our mental health, alleviating stress and allowing more you time.

Yin yoga is a form of yoga which holds poses for 3 to 5 minutes in order to work deep into your fascia, your connective tissue protecting your muscles and organs. Yin yoga enables rejuvenation of your joints and muscles, whereby tension and emotions may be released in order to restore balance back into your life. 


Tim Mitchell

SATURDAY 2.45-3.45pm  |  the LIBRARY

Ayurveda, the health science from ancient India, has the practical wisdom of all grandmothers of the world.

Modern Life has often lost that insight and connection.

In this hour together we will begin to explore natural Ayurvedic approaches to health care. 

The best care is for the parent to be happy, and to prevent them getting sick in the first place!

-Colds and flu do not have to be inevitable.

-Kitchen remedies if they do get sick (handout)

-Natures Diet of the Seasons.

-Show your kids how to care for themselves.


Rossana Fazzolari

SATURDAY 3.30-4.30pm  |  the STUDIO

In this presentation, Rossana will be showing the accuracy of using muscle testing to identify the most appropriate flower essence for you at this time, in order to raise your vibration, to assist in you achieving your potential or relieving issues with help from nature. These Life Remedies are the “new age” of essences. No part of the plant is removed, allowing nature to achieve its purpose too.


Every participant will have an essence to take home if they wish.

Friday Family Forum


We are so excited to announce the return of the MANDALA MARKET!
Both upstairs and in the cafe on Sunday, you will find Mandala Market offering a collective of local creators of homewares, lifestyle products, jewellery, beauty and art for you to discover.  Each stall will have something unique and you can meet and chat with the Artisan who made the products. 
Instagram @mandala_market

SUNDAY 9am - 3pm 

The Wholesome Nest

Cafe offering Winter menu options including yummy soup, stew and of
course hot coffee to warm you up!
Saturday 7.30am - 3pm
Sunday 7.30am - 3pm

FREE Health Consultation with Tim Mitchell


Ayurveda is an ancient science of Wellbeing from India.

It has many relevant and  contemporary applications to the challenges of our modern lifestyle.

Happiness is the indication of Health, not just the absence of disease.


To share his passion for its wisdom, as to introduce him to the Community,

Tim and BEACH LANE are offering a FREE 10 minute Ayurvedic Health Consultation as part of the Winter Festival.

He may take your pulse, look at your tongue, or just hold your hand and give a simple lifestyle adjustment, a food to flavour or avoid, in a move towards  your more joyful living.

Find him in the CAFE on Sunday 23rd.


Tim Mitchell has a rich and varied background from a world sailor and traveller, a boatbuilder, a life long (40+ years) practice of Vedic Meditation, and the last 27 years of study and teaching of Ayurveda, Cooking for Joy, Yoga for the Individual, and has taught Vedic Meditation full time the last 12 years. Recently returned from seven years teaching in Europe, he has ’dropped the anchor' in his ancestral city of Melbourne, and 'rowed ashore' to teach from Beach Lane for the long term. For more information about Tim, see the below links: 

  • A free Premium LoveMatch Membership prize-draw: If you are looking for real love in your life and someone who can appreciate and understand you for who you really are, place your contact details or business card into the SLM competition box in The Wholesome Nest Cafe before the end of the Festival on the afternoon of Sunday 23 July, when the lucky winner will be drawn. The prize? A FREE Premium LoveMatch Membership for 12 months, normally valued at $265!

  • An exclusive offer open to all those associated with BEACH LANE: In support of the Winter Festival (and up to 7 days afterwards), if you go to, type “Beach Lane” in the ‘Referred By' box, after you click 'Join Now' to register, select your membership, and start your questionnaire process ... your choice of a 12 month Essential Membership will be upgraded to a Premium Membership, after you complete this process. So for an investment of just $16.60/month (and a saving of $66), you will receive a comprehensive Personal Growth & Relationship Readiness Report, and when you are matched with a person who shares your values and priorities, a Match Compatibility Report, to view the deep basis of your matching. We are so confident of the quality of our matching that we guarantee your Love Match on a 12-month membership or your membership will be extended for free.
    Act now to receive this special offer! And if you're lucky enough to win the prize-draw, your membership fee will be fully refunded.

Spiritual LoveMatch (SLM) is supporting the BEACH LANE 2017 Winter Festival by making these two generous offers...


Meet a selection of Beach Lane's passionate Practitioners, who are sharing their diverse knowledge, talent and contagious energy with the community. These listed presenters are showcasing their work over the weekend, supported by Beach Lane, in order to raise awareness of their own personal practices.

Mandala Markets
The Wholesome Nest

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